14 hours glamorous risks
Bless your heart, we're gonna watch your back
46 EXPOSURESI’m kind of making a new thing called ‘46 Exposures’. Look there is a nipple
PALM TREE CANDID'Nothing gets between and my AK.'So if you were ever wondering if Harold Smith from Twin Peaks is real, he is and he is living in my house in an apartment on the second floor.I just fetched a parcel he had taken in from the mailmen when I wasn’t home. I buzzed, he opened the door, revealing what was a dark hallway, painted black, dimmed lights. I could catch a glimpse of the kitchen, equally as sinister, lots of plants. Plants everywhere.'Hello, I came for —''The parcel. I figured.' 'Thanks. I guess.' He smiled. He closed the door to my face. I stood there puzzled.His kitchen is opposite my kitchen window, across the backyeard. I have lived here for three years now and met every person in the building, except him. He lives one floor above me, which leaves me with a view of his kitchen ceiling. Plants, so many plants. The window is hung with a dark blue fabric and the kitchen light is always on. Let me quickly check - oh, it is turned off now.
'I'm just a rich kids blessed with a suspicious mind.'New favourtie lipstick: Limecrime Wicked.
SXX SELLS #10: Freak Show / Berlin Fashion Week Closing Party12th July 2014
These guys. Liz & Mo aka Runningmermaids. I love them not only because they are some of the nicest and most honest people I ever met, but also because they are so fucking authentic. They know what they do and it is incredible.
SXX SELLS #10: Freak Show / Berlin Fashion Week Closing Party12th July 2014
Runningmermaids DJ Set ♥
SXX SELLS #10: Freak Show / Berlin Fashion Week Closing Party12th July 2014
EMAILS #1"R. strebt dringend die Gabe der Bilocation an, aber das schafften im (spät-)antiken Rom nur die alten Christen, nämlich an zwei Orten (bi-locationes) gleichzeitig zu sein, und die waren dann auch Heilige. Sind wir alles nicht. Da wird es mit dieser wirklich nützlichen Gabe wohl auch nichts werden."
Berlin Alexanderplatzca. 1900
Lovers entwined

Trailer for our Fashion Week Closing Party!

Alte Teppich Fabrik, Alt-Stralau 4, 10425 Berlin

I just watched the new Sailor Moon (here), I didn’t know it was a remake?Anyways I love the ‘sale’ signs. Haha.
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