14 hours glamorous risks
Berlin Festival 2014
Take all your overgrown infants away somewhereAnd build them a home, a little place of their ownThe Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and KingsAnd they can appear to themselves every dayOn closed circuit TVTo make sure they’re still realIt’s the only connection they feelLadies and gentlemen, please welcome Reagan and HaigMr. Begin and friend, Mrs. Thatcher, and PaisleyMr. Brezhnev and partyThe ghost of McCarthy, the memories of Nixon. And now, adding color, a group of anonymous Latin-  American Meatpacking glitterati. 
Did they expect us to treat them with any respect?
At the moment I’m doing a sequel to my art book ‘27 Survival Kits’ (link) which will be called ‘28 Smoking Friends’