14 hours glamorous risks
appointments, golf, cocktail parties, meetings, martinis, the brown hotel
Don’t you ever have that when people ask you what you do for a living but you can’t say because it’s a secret and you really can’t tell anyone so instead you say something like ‘I invented the electric plug emoji’ and then people are like ‘oh ok’ and they assume you are a bum who is unemployed -
São Domingos ChurchLissabonAugust 2014
LissabonAugust 2014
Brussels AirportAugust 2014
Imagine clouds were aliens, but they would make perfect sense with the human science, so we would never dectect them and they in return didn’t know what humans were, either, so we would live along each other peacefully.I suppose we only can’t leave the things alone we cannot find an explanation for?
SOME THINGS I HAD ON MY MIND1. I started eating only vegan foods.When I eat animal products I feel guilty and I don’t like that. I like to enjoy my meals.2. It is a lie that- dairy production of any sort (etc) is cruelty-free- vegan foods are more expensive- vegans are stuck with eating only fruits, rice and vegetables- there is no vegan cheese- a vegan diet is unhealthy- humans need meat / humans are supposed to eat meat- your cow was a happy cow before she died. Well, if you’re into eating happy corpses, congrats3. Also I do not care about people that try to get on my nerves about vegan foods like- ‘so if you are eating vegan, you might as well stop flying in aeroplanes or support children in Africa’ - how about YOU start changing YOUR lifestyle first.- ‘well I am going to eat that meat burger and it’s your loss if you don’t want to eat it’ - I can deal, trust me. Eating vegan is not a sacrifice at all.- ‘I think it is ridiculous that you eat vegan cheese, why do vegans have to imitate the real things all the time’ - see the following for that:4. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND THAT- some people love the taste of meat/fish/cheese/etc, but they love animals too much to support their production, BUT they don’t want to miss out on the TASTE, so they create cruelty-free substitutes - I get angry when people try to tell me there is a distinction between animals and productive animals that we need for meat production. Your brain is obviously underdeveloped. All animals are animals. I highly doubt you would eat your pet dog.5. The burger in the picture is one from my favourite restaurants, vego foodworld.
Ibiza in the 60s, shot by my dad
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin1969
A find from 2008
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
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